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Startup Story: Digi Clinics AI driven diagnostics for early cancer detection and more

DigiClinics  has been incubated by Technology Innovation Hub at the Indian Institute of Technology

Digi Clinics is an Indian company that specializes in transforming traditional diagnostic processes through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and digital medical imaging technologies. Their primary focus is on creating automated diagnostic solutions that enhance accuracy and efficiency in medical diagnostics.

Core Services and Solutions:

  1. AI-Driven Diagnostic Platforms:

  • CADS4MBC: A platform for the automated identification of biomarkers in metastatic breast cancer, generating detailed pathology and cancer staging reports (CAP and BI-RADS) using AI.

  • CADS4PMC: This platform extends to the diagnosis of various cancers, including prostate cancer and gliomas (brain tumors), facilitating early detection and accurate staging.

  1. Multi-Modal Imaging Analysis:

  • Digital Clinics utilizes a variety of imaging modalities such as ultrasound (USG), X-ray, MRI, CT scans, and pathology slides. These are integrated into their AI systems to provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments across multiple diseases including lung cancer, TB, and malaria​ (Digital Clinics)​​ (Digital Clinics)​.

  1. Cloud-Based Bio-Imaging Platform:

  • They offer a cloud-based system that supports large-scale biomedical data management, including storage and AI training using pathologist-annotated images. This system aids in the continuous improvement of their diagnostic algorithms​ (Digital Clinics)​.

  1. Low-Cost Mobile and Online Diagnostics:

  • The company is also dedicated to providing affordable diagnostic services to remote and rural populations, covering a range of infectious diseases like COVID-19, TB, and malaria​ (Digital Clinics)​.

  1. Educational and Training Tools:

  • Digital Clinics supports medical education through platforms that help junior physicians learn and apply diagnostic techniques using various imaging markers. This service aims to standardize diagnostics and reduce human errors in medical assessments​ (Digital Clinics)​.

Impact and Innovations:

Digital Clinics aims to reduce human biases and inconsistencies in diagnostics by automating processes that traditionally rely on manual visual assessments. Their technology not only enhances the accuracy of diagnoses but also reduces the workload and fatigue of healthcare professionals by providing faster and more reliable results​ (Digital Clinics)​.

For more detailed information, you can visit their official website​ (Digital Clinics)​.

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