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IOACML Commencement Date: Sat, Jan 28,2023 (Day1)
Time : will be sent directly to students 

Skill & Human Resource Development

One of the objectives of the proposed TIH is to nurture and scale up high-end researchers' base, Human Resource Development (HRD) and skill-sets in the emerging areas of “Speech, Video and Text Analytics”. TIH will aim to enhance core competencies, capacity building and training to nurture innovation and start-up ecosystems to create the world-class multi-disciplinary Technology Innovation Hub in “Speech, Video and Text Analytics”, which will serve as the focal point for technology inputs for the industry and policy advice for the government in the allied disciplines. Government and Industry R&D labs will be engaged as partners in the proposed TIH. Private participation to encourage professional execution and management of pilot scale research projects will be incentivised.
The proposed programme aims at providing the state-of-the-art training and capacity building for creation of next-generation technocrats, engineers and scientists in the areas of “Speech, Video and Text Analytics”. It will address various segments of the education system like graduates, postgraduates, Doctoral, post-doctoral, skilled, and semi-skilled segments. IIT PATNA VISHLESAN I-HUB FOUNDATION aims at addressing most of the HRD issues in a holistic manner preparing the country for the next technology revolution.

Industry oriented Program I Real time data analytics I Industrial Trainers I 100% Placement Support I 50 credits I 24 weeks

Course Title: Industry Oriented Advanced Certification in Machine Learning

  • Python for Artificial Intelligence

  • Python for Data Science and Analytics

  • Python for Machine learning

  • Python for NLP and Web Scraping

  • Python for Deep Learning and Neural Network

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About Course
This comprehensive course is designed to skill up the participants through a series of short theoretical lectures that are followed by hands-on projects. This course will deal with extracting meaningful insights from a huge set of labeled or unlabelled data through the process of Data cleaning, analysis and pre-processing.


The participants will learn about the packages, syntax and commands of Python with specific applications to the art of AI,ML and Data Sciences.

The audience will learn about various Machine Learning advances based out of data science such as — Supervised and Unsupervised Learning and their real time applications.

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Who can Participate?

  • Students: Engineering Graduates, Engineering Post Graduates

  • Science Graduates( mathematics upto class XII)

  • BCA, MCA, B.Sc. (IT)

  • Working professional in IT industry 

  • Faculty of IT, CSE, Electronics, Electrical Engineering and related fields.

Course Contents

Course Registration Form

Fee: 35,400 INR

Name of the Beneficiary: IIT Patna Vishlesan I-HUB Foundation

Account Number: 39579970437

IFSC Code: SBIN0017164


Branch Code: 17164

Thanks for contacting us


* Fees is non-refundable

Process Flow of the Course

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