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Thrust Areas

Technologies are the driving engines of industry 4.0, society 5.0, sustainable development goals that align directly with the Government of India’s Niti Aayog policies. The Tih-IIT Patna intends to build a synergy of various technologies with “speech, text and video analytics” as a core component by catering to the startups that are innovating and creating new hardware & software based products. 

To complement TIH-IIT Patna's core competency start-ups are invited for incubation and conducting R&D activities in the following major domains :

  1. Video, Speech & Text Analytics

  2. AI & Internet of Things (IoT),

  3. Drone and counter drone technologies,

  4. Point care diagnostics and health care,

  5. Embedded systems, nanotechnolgies- sensors, drug delivery,

  6. Civil and defence cyber-security aspects,

  7. RF & Telematics,

  8. Wireless Power Transfer

Core Activities  

  • Technology Development,

  • Innovation,

  •  Professional Education,

  • Entrepreneurship,

  •  Brand Building,

  • Technology Commercialization,

  • Product Management

Application sectors of National importance:

  • Health                            

  • Education

  • Tourism

  • Judiciary

  • Railways

  • Border Management

  • Security

  • Environment

  • Forest and Climate Change

  • Road Transport

  • Housing and Urban Affairs, and Electronics and IT 

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