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ATYA Technologies Pvt LTD

Atya Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. was founded in October 2022 and offers tailored solutions for the entire product development cycle, including design, assembly, and testing. The company specializes in creating embedded solutions using DSPs, FPGAs, and microcontrollers, such as servo controllers, high-speed data acquisition systems, and video processing solutions. Atya is dedicated to providing comprehensive services, from concept to production, to meet the unique needs of their clients.

The company was incubated by Technology Innovation Hub of the Indian Institute of Technology Patna.

Official Training Partner

Atya Technologies was officially assigned the training partner of TIH IIT Patna for their skill development courses as an outcome of milestones review meeting held on 20th July 2023. Later the financial feasibility committee and skill development planning committee selected Atya Technologies and MES as their official partners for training. MES was assigned to cover North & East India while Atya was assigned to cover Central and South India.

Atya Technologies also became a reliable partner for Technology development initiatives of TIH IIT Patna.

Training Course
Product offering
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