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Industry Oriented Certified Courses: MoU and More

The Indian Institute of Technology Patna I-Hub Foundation also known as the TIH-IIT Patna under the National Mission for Interdisciplinary Cyberphysical Systems (headed by Department of Science and Technology) is launching the Skill-up programmes for College/University Students and professionals.

Training Partners

For mor

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, Data Sciences and Analytics Certified Courses with full Placement Assistance
Learn from Industry Experts
Prepare for High-Skill Job sector


India would witness one of the highest growth in AI and ML sector by 2030. The Market size will cross the projected 89.8 Billion USD mark by the third quarter of 2025. While the Machine learning market size will grow beyond

The Global Average AI ML salaries in US is 120,000 USD Per Annum , while in India it is 14,000 USD(11.4 Lakh Indian Rupees) per Annum.

Want to be a part of the the high skilled work force? Then join us.

For more details please contact:

or visit us as

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