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IIT Patna Vishlesan I-Hub Foundation call for proposals under National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations (NIDHI) is an umbrella program conceived and developed by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship division, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, for nurturing ideas and innovations (knowledge-based and technology-driven) into successful start-ups.

Aim :

  • NIDHI- PRAYAS Program aims at providing prototype funding to convert idea into prototype to young and aspiring innovators.

  • Innovators should use the PRAYAS grant primarily convert their ideas into prototype of a product that has potential for commercialisation.

  • The IP generated if any, should vest with the Innovator or the Start up.

  • The maximum funding support to an innovator/startup will be upto 10 lakhs, however the final amount is subject to the approval of Monitoring committee of a PRAYAS centre


  • An individual innovator without having a startup or founder of a startup can apply for Prayas grant.

  • An individual innovator without having a startup can apply for PRAYAS

  • Indian citizen of 18 years or age and above.

  • IP generated would vest with the innovator or with the team as per the agreement and it would be further taken for commercialization.

  • An applicant who is a co-founders of a Startup can apply for PRAYAS (<25 lakh annual turnover)

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